Hernán Diego Loza, guitarist/composer

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Hernán Diego Loza, chitarrista & compositore

He studied guitar at first privately with Hugo Zamora and later at the Provincial Conservatory of Music “Alberto Ginastera” in Morón, Buenos Aires, graduated as “Professor of guitar” and “Superior Professor of Guitar”. Also studied Composition with Edgar Ferrer (privately).
Later continues his studies at the “IstitutoSuperiore di StudiMusicali di Reggio Emilia e Castelnovo ne’ Monti” in Italy with Claudio Piastra from which he graduated "summa cum laude" in two Diplomas. This was followed by further studies with Carlos Bonell, Michael Lewin and Pablo Marquez.
He was Professor at the “InstitutoPatagónico de lasArtes” (Guitar) in General Roca and at the Provincial Conservatory of Music in Bahía Blanca (Guitar, Harmony & Guitar’s repertoire), Argentine.
In 2011 he began Professor of Guitar at the “IstitutoSuperiore di StudiMusicali di Reggio Emilia e Castelnovo ne’ Monti” in Italy.
He won many first Price at International Guitar’s Competition among others in the “ConsorsoChitarristicoInternazionaleCittà di Arezzo” (2009) and “ConcorsoInternazionale Luigi Zanuccoli” (2010).
He plays music from medieval to contemporary.
He made numerous International First Performing.
Some Argentinian composers dedicated works to him.
He also performed with Orchestra and Music Ensembles.
In 2014 his project "Musica Ex-Temporanea" won the contest “Creatività e imprenditoria Giovanile” organized by the public administration of Reggio Emilia.


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